Shagya Appearance

Shagyas have a very harmonious appearance. Due to the many generations of highly selective breeding in Europe, Shagyas have developed into a larger and more correct Arabian type.

With its wide forehead and concave profile, the head often has a very oriental look. The smaller and pointy ears have a large mobility and are situated high on top. The eyes are very expressive, and the nostrils fairly wide. The gracefully arched neck is often long with a slight poll.

The withers are not very high, but reach far into the soft back. The shoulders are sometimes short and not very slanted. The haunches are short and strong. The croup is melon-shaped and fairly short with a high tail attachment.

The foundation is dry with well-marked, steel-like tendons and wide solid joints. The fetlocks can sometimes be soft, but the hooves are small, well-formed and hard.

The mane & tail are abundant and almost as fine as silk – just like the rest of the body hair. Shagyas are predominantly grey, but can be bay or chestnut as well. Black Shagyas are rather rare